Thursday, April 28, 2005


I started typing this earlier, and the computer froze, so hopefully I'll get it done this time...

I'm not long out of my computer course that I'm doing in work. It's the ECDL Course, which is a fairly widely recognised qualification across Europe. It covers seven areas, with seven exams: Theory; File Management; Word Processing; Powerpoint; Databases; Spreadsheets; and Internet and Email.

The last exam I did was in databases, and such a night of it I had... The first computer I was on froze, and wouldn't let me print any of the relevant pages; so I moved to another computer, which shut down completely, and wiped my disk in the process. So it was that I moved on to my third computer, and had to start the whole exam from the beginning again... Oh, I was so glad to get it finished and saved!

I'm now working on spreadsheets, which seems to be fine... but watch this space for updates on my progress!

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