Tuesday, April 26, 2005


After having no photos on the blog for ages and ages, I have now worked out how to get a photo on my profile - one from the camera of Scott Mackey, leaning on a lectern... perhaps a potent sign of my future...

I have also begun a new online photo gallery at fotopic.net which you can get to via the link at the righthand side of the page. Included so far are random pictures of me and my friends at various things; as well as a nice picture of Craigmore viaduct outside Newry, and one of the Cathedral taken from across the Lagan last summer.

I rather enjoy taking pictures, but since getting the digital camera a couple of years back, I have tended not to print pictures, instead just having them on the computer. This has led to the fact that most people haven't seen my pictures, so you are indeed privileged to have the chance to see them now! Take the opportunity while you can...

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