Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I've been in the Choir in Dromore Cathedral for about 16 years now... I'm a veteran in the cause! Back in the day, I used to sing soprano, and do all the really high descants at Christmas etc... Nowadays, even thinking about them makes my throat sore! Although I do have a go, for fun, the odd time, just to show the girls I can still get them!

For a while then, when my voice broke, I tried the tenor line, but now I'm a bass, which is fun, booming out the bass line and putting everyone else off their notes! But every so often, if the tenor line looks more enjoyable, I do a wee switch for a verse of a hymn, just for variety...

I'm going to post a photo of our choir, from just before the Harvest evening service last year, so check out the box above for that...

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