Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Call to Spiritual Reformation

I recently finished reading the book A Call to Spiritual Reformation by Don Carson, and I have to admit, it's the best book I have read so far this year! But it is more than that, cos the other 2 were good as well! The book is a reflection on prayer, and looks at how the greatest need in the church is not more programmes, or different worship type, but a return to the greater knowledge of God, knowledge that can only come about by spending time in relationship with Him, through prayer.

Carson then takes a look at some of the prayers of Paul, as contained in his letters to various churches and individuals. And he comes up with some very good, practical suggestions as to what it is we pray for, how we pray for it, the basis of how we pray for the things, and the frequency of our praying.

And it has definitely been affecting my own prayer life. Since the new year, I have started my quiet time devotions with a verse from John's Gospel, to fire off ideas for prayer, and as a launchpad for praise; then I have worked through some of the events of the day, bringing praise and thanks, or issues of concern from them, then praying for God's guidance as I read the Bible. I then read a chapter or so from where I have gotten to (currently Hebrews), then continue after it, praying through the issues it raises, and then closing with some of my more regular prayers, for family, friends, and normally for a good night's sleep (cos I always need a good night's sleep...).

This certainly wouldn't work for everyone, but the important thing is not the system you use for Quiet Time, but rather that you have one. And if I can get time in amidst the hecticness of college, then no one should really have an excuse! Try it and see... time spent in the presence of God, building your relationship with him is never wasted.

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