Monday, January 16, 2006


Ok, so I had sort of promised myself not to use the title 'update' again, as it is so broad and vague and uninteresting. And then I did it again, cos I couldn't think of something else to title this posting.

I don't have that much to update on... The first week back at college was fine, and I managed to get back into the routine quickly enough, and now here we are in the second week and it is as if I had never been off. But at least I'm jetting out to Scotland this weekend, which will be good!

One other big piece of rageworthy news is that of the sorry state of my laptop. It has already crossed the Irish Sea twice last week, as it returned to the manufacturers to try and sort a problem with the keyboard (in that none of the keys work...) and they said it was fixed, I got it back on Friday, and it worked for about 2 minutes, and guess what... it stopped again. So it's flying off again tomorrow to go to the manufacturers again, for a second go at it. In the meantime, I'm at the mercy of the college computers for internet access (and none at home), and I've borrowed one from the Wilky's for to do my essays on. Hopefully it will be fixed properly this time, and I'll be able to use it again. Otherwise, well, who knows what I'll need to do.

We're still in the big essay season. I've two due in for this weekend (one on Friday and one on Monday), but I was heartily encouraged this morning, on getting the Old Testament essay back, and getting a First in it... although, having said that, the whole year got a First! Let's hope we can keep that up... although, of course, on this course we just have to pass, so anything over 40% is a wasted effort... according to those in the know!


  1. It wouldn't have happened to be a laptop from Dixons or PC World, would it? Or worse, an Advent laptop? (once bitten...)