Saturday, January 28, 2006

January Day

So today was the appropriately-named January Day. Appropriate, because it is a day in January! Hehe! Anyways... what it is really about is that it is a training day for young people and their leaders in the diocese of Down and Dromore.

Today's event was held in Holywood, and although there didn't seem to be as many people at it as last year (which was in the 'country' at Moira). There were various seminars in the afternoon, looking at Youthwork resources, prayer, Bible study, up-front skills, and finding faith in films. After a break for dinner, we then moved to the parish church for a meeting, with worship and a speaker. The speaker was Neil Brittain, one of UTV's sports presenters. He was looking at the idea of Christians being a 'city on a hill' (Matthew 5:14).

There was a disco starting, but the Dromore ones headed back home as we were a bit tired, and not really into the disco! but it was good to be able to see people again that I hadn't seen in ages... especially brother Mark Henry, the Youth Pastor in Movilla C of I/Methodist congregation - who was also knocking about Queens Politics department when I was there!

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