Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dublin again

So here I am, back in Dublin once again. And straight back into the busy-ness of it! And I had my first visitor to college on Sunday night. Stewart was down for a visit, and then yesterday (after my classes) we went down sightseeing into Dublin. And sightseeing we did indeed do: Trinity, the Book of Kells, the House of Lords in the Bank of Ireland (old Parliament building), Christ Church Cathedral, then did the usual tour of bookshops which always seems to happen when we're together somewhere.

All my essays are now handed in, thankfully, and I've no more deadlines until the 10th March, which is sufficiently far away to not worry about for a while! Although I have two for that day as well - what is it with lecturers making sure we have two deadlines on the same day all the time? Ah well, 'theirs not to reason why'!

So now the next exciting things coming up are the DDYC January Training Day on Saturday, and my first Sunday of being with Magheralin (and Dollingstown) for some experience of preaching and leading services. And then next week, we have Lynsey's introduction to the college, as she comes visiting!

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