Monday, January 30, 2006

First Sunday on placement...

Yesterday was my first Sunday of being in the parish of Magheralin on a sort of placement. So for the foreseeable future, I'll be in the parish on a couple of Sundays a month, assisting with services and preaching the odd time. It's a great opportunity for me to first of all serve the people of God, and also to gain some more experience outside the parish of Dromore. Now, there's nothing wrong at all with me serving in Dromore, but given that I've been there every practically every Sunday in life, I know how things work, and am used to it. So this placement will be something more unusual, with the added mix of two different churches in two villages.

So on my first day, I was leading the services in both places. Dollingstown is a sort of more contemporary service, without robes, but with a praise band, all power point presentation for liturgy and songs, and a great congregation of committed, lively people. Magheralin is a bit more of what I would be used to, with a slightly more traditional (in a Morning Prayer Two way) flavour, robed choir, but still great people!

Then last night at Youth Fellowship we started a series on Colossians. My notes may indeed follow at some point, but they would need to be better organised - they're currently partially typed, and partially in my head!

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