Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bands, and more bands

As someone recently pointed out, I do seem to like bands, and so part of the weekend report will include bands. Actually, this posting will be all about bands. Last night I was down in Annalong to see the parade and competition organised by Annalong Single Star. In my defence, when I set out, it was a nice evening, sunny and warm, but once across the Mournes, the rain came on... The highlight of the evening were South Down DUP, and the Mourne Young Defenders - getting at least 3 videos of each of them. Indeed, one of them should appear here:

This afternoon, then, we went to Scarva, to see Waringsford Pipe Band playing in concert on the green. There was a good crowd turned out to see them, and the band were playing well. I'm in the process of uploading the clips, but when the best one is up on Youtube then I'll copy it into this posting! Here is the band gathering, just before they started:

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