Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The beginning of College

Well hello, one and all, whoever happens to read these few comments and thoughts from my brain! This is the first opportunity I've had to get onto the computer since coming down on Sunday night, due to the busy-ness of meeting the new people and finding out a bit about them, as well as doing all the required stuff and starting into the pre-term courses.

The other reason it's been a while is that the wireless network in the accommodation block isn't just ready yet - there is a signal, but something else has gone wrong... hopefully it will come soon and we'll be able to have internet access in the rooms...

It was nice to see everyone back again, and catch up on what we've been up to over the summer, as well as welcoming the new people - there are more students who have started this year than returning students - 17 to 13... which is interesting, cos the accepted standard responses in chapel (for example) have been ignored cos most of them don't know the protocol of when we join in the Psalm... And we also had the 'repeat first line of prayers' which never happened before - which is common enough in parish life, but seemed to be anathema in chapel.

The new guys are great - I knew some of them before, and have found links with some of the others - people known in common - so we're building up good friendships. And last night we had the first Late Praise of the new year - the late night service which is more contemporary and 'open' with no liturgy as such, just Bible readings, contemporary songs and open prayer time. The new students are so afire for God, and so enthusiastic - it did my heart glad last night!

This week we're working on the preparation for parish placement - yesterday we looked at the theory and practicalities of hospital visiting, and today we're looking at theological reflection and the theory of knowledge. I'm really looking forward to my placement, and being able to do some of the visiting work, as well as the preaching and leading of services.

So what else has been happening? On Sunday night some of us went to CORE - it was quite interesting to see how they have transformed an old parish church into a modern 'worship centre' with no pews etc...

This weekend should be pleasant - Friday I'm off, Saturday I'm for Scotland for the day on the boat, and then on Sunday I'm taking a harvest service out at Quilly, so I'm preparing my sermon in and between times - if you're free and available, come along. It's at 3pm.

Right... coffee time should be over soon. I'd better go back to class! More updates and reflections and the usual mix of random thoughts will be posted in due time, when I have opportunity to get to the common room, or when the wireless broadband is properly working!

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