Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How to destroy a denomination in 10 easy steps

This comes from Mark Driscoll's blog, and was also commented on by the Irish Calvinist blog.

So the ten steps to destroy a denomination, in his opinion, are:

1. Have a low view of Scripture and, consequently, the deity of Jesus.

2. Deny that we were made male and female by God, equal but with distinct roles in the home and church.

3. Ordain liberal women in the name of tolerance and diversity.

4. Have those liberal women help to ordain gay men in the name of greater tolerance and diversity.

5. Accept the worship of other religions and their gods in the name of still greater tolerance and diversity.

6. Become so tolerant that you, in effect, become intolerant of people who love Jesus and read their Bible without scoffing and snickering.

7. End up with only a handful of people who are all the same kind of intolerant liberals in the name of tolerance and diversity.

8. Watch the Holy Spirit depart from your churches and take people who love Jesus with Him.

9. Fail to repent but become more committed than ever to your sinful agenda.

10. See Jesus pull rank, judge you, and send some of your pastors to hell to be tormented by Him forever because He will no longer tolerate your diversity.

So how far have our mainline denominations gone?


  1. would it not be more honest if point number 3 included the ordination of liberal men as well as woman!?! closely followed by point number 4 reading "have those liberal woman AND liberal men help to ordain gay men in the name of greater tolerance and diveristy"

  2. how do you feel about being part of the Church of Ireland and attending its college when it ticks most of, if not all of those boxes?

  3. Thank you to my two anonymous commenters. To be fair, as I said, those were his views, I was just passing them on, but I can see how both liberal men and women could be an issue...

    As to being part of the Church of Ireland? Well, to my mind, the congregation is the church, a denomination is just an association of churches - so the important level for me is my local fellowship. And it's not liberal!

  4. Should conservative local churches be associated with liberal ones? Does such an association not hinder the witness? For example, on the issue of homosexuality, if Dromore says its wrong to an inquiring person and then that person responds by asking why dromore is associated with limerick which says its right? Theres a problem isnt there? And why does a conservative local church send a conservative ordinand to a liberal training institution where he will be encouraged to tolerate the ten steps which will destroy a denomination?