Wednesday, September 27, 2006

College Part Two

Just a quick update, to keep my readers (especially those on the inside) happy. Today we were looking at Children's Ministry, in relation to the forthcoming parish placements. The first part was theory, and sharing experiences of good and bad practice, and our childhood memories.

The second part was pure class - we were given an outline of a children's talk, and a prop or props, and we were let loose. The kids were the rest of the class (plus the tutor), and it was like performing in front of a firing squad! Suddenly real kids would be a breeze, the amount of abuse, jokes and banter we gave the person on the spot. Fun times!

This afternoon we were looking at the skills needed for ministry, and reminded that the central task of the minister is the Ministry of the Word - that we need to be studying the Bible in order to faithfully preach and teach the Bible to the congregation. Hallelujah!

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