Saturday, September 16, 2006

The North Antrim Coast by dawn

This weekend, the parentals are in Scotland, and I had to take them to the boat yesterday morning. Which involved getting up at 5am (and that the morning after getting back from Scotland - and the really rough flight). So the early, early start was very early! And it was still dark at 6.30am when I left them off in Larne.

So I headed off up the coast road, and as I journeyed up the coast, the sun rose. Stopping as many times as possible at the various holes in the hedge, I managed to get a few photos of the coast and the rising sun. Absolutely lovely! Some of them will follow, in due course, when I manage to get the photos downloaded from the camera.

I also made it to the mouth of the Bann, walking along Portstewart Strand, and later to Mussenden Temple and the former Bishop's Palace. Suddenly, my neglect of the north coast is being redressed with lots of visits!

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