Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dublin here I come!

And there we are, the summer has indeed completely passed. In less than twenty-four hours, I will (DV) be in Dublin for the start of second year. I'm just trying to get packed up here before heading out for dinner, so it will be easy enough tomorrow after church to head down the road.

The big bonus of this weekend, though, was that Lynsey was able to hop across from Ayr, and then next weekend I'm hopping over that direction! Good job the storms had died down by Friday evening!

But back to the packing... and the job of trying to remember where I left the stuff I had in my room last year - is it in my new room, or is it in Dromore somewhere??? Should be fun finding it all, and then packing it into the car as well as Alan's stuff too.

So while the new year starts tomorrow for returning students, the new students are already resident in college, for the opening and welcome weekend. Can't wait til tomorrow to see them all and meet the new people!

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