Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Lord's Day in Dundee

And so we come to the end of the Lord's Day in Dundee, and a very pleasant day. We made it to services in Logie's and St John's Parish Church, where Lyns is starting to go, and I have to say, they were really good. Logie's, as it seems to be known, isn't far from the flat, and the welcome is very good too. The music - organ and band in the morning, and piano and band in the evening was very good, and I even knew most of the hymns (or at least the tunes).

But the best bit for me was the teaching. Absolutely brilliant! This morning the Outreach Coordinator, Mark Ellis was preaching on Judges 4 (and 5), on God the warrior, fighting for his people, yet using his people in the battle. And the sermon was rather good... Surely it couldn't be topped? Yet tonight, the Minister, David Scott, was preaching on Abraham, from Genesis 24, and Hebrews 11 - finishing off a series on the life of Abraham. I think it would have been of more benefit to have heard it at the end of the series, but even as a stand-alone talk, it was still great, as it looked at the four characteristics of faith found in Abraham. I won't try to re-create it here, as I don't think I would be able to properly represent it, but the good news is that Logie's have a sermon audio element to their website, so you can download and enjoy.

This afternoon we enjoyed a picnic lunch on one of the greens in Dundee, relaxing in the sunshine - wouldn't it be great if every day was like this?

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  1. Hi - thanks for your blog and glad you made it to Logies! Just to say I've now redesigned the website and the URL for sermons is now: Hope this helps! Mark.