Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blown away at Flagstaff

As you come north on the M1/N1/A1 from Dublin, just after you cross the border, there's a signpost to the right for a viewpoint. The turn off is at the Killeen railway bridge, and points towards Flagstaff. 2 miles. Not far.

You may already know, but my favourite type of driving is on country roads, where you always have to be alert and ready to deal with the corner, or bumps, or oncoming cars, or tractors... much better than sitting on a Motorway or dual carriageway. Of course, when it comes to going places (like Dublin), then the motorway is essential... but when you're out for recreation, then country roads are best!

So it was two miles of wee country roads and up hills to get to Flagstaff. And what a view!!! It looks out over the Newry Canal and Clanrye River as it meets the Irish Sea at Narrow water castle and Warrenpoint. The sun came out, the view was excellent... but the wind was bitingly cold, and quare and strong! I was nearly blown away... but not quite, as is obvious by the fact you're reading this blog!

Photos will follow when I get a chance to get them onto the computer...

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  1. You might like driving along country roads, but what other people dont know is that its pretty darn scary, hence my holding on to the door with an exceedingly tight grip!!!!