Friday, October 20, 2006


So here goes, another quick update... Thankfully at home the internet works so much better, and the blogger posting page comes up in a matter of seconds, rather than hours! But I'll not complain here...

I seem to be always busy nowadays, and am literally on the run here - just about to head out to my placement parish for lunch and visiting. Although, I've been working this morning on placement too, writing up the sermon for the Early Communion service this Sunday. We're looking at Hebrews 5:1-10, and how Jesus is a better high priest than Aaron. As always, the text will appear here after the service - so my college buddies can read the sermon and see what I'm preaching about! I'm wondering if I should charge some of the friendly third years who have joked about copying or using the sermons at some point in the future!!!

This week in college went really quickly, with a House Meeting on Monday night, and then the opening meeting of College Fellowship on Wednesday night. Bishop Ken (Fanta) Clarke spoke on 'A call to holiness' and was very good! The highlight of the week, though, was having Lynsey in college. Her 'reading week' was on, so she was able to come to Dublin and reside in the college, meeting the varied people...

And with that, I should be off... I'll hopefully write more later on, perhaps!

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