Saturday, October 28, 2006

Not mush-room

I'm referring in the title to my bedroom at home, in that there's not mushroom (much room)... You may have gathered I'm a bit of a hoarder, and nothing really is thrown out. This is perhaps a bit of an understatement, as you can only see a tiny portion of the carpet.

The situation was made worse the other week (when I was in Dublin) by Neil pulling out the old computer to see if it was working. Previously, it had sat neatly under my desk, not doing any harm... but Neil left it sitting in the middle of the room, and by now stuff has accumulated around and on top of it...

Every so often I try a scheme of re-ordering - moving stuff about to see if I can get everything to fit better elsewhere, or even clearing stuff out... so I'm presently trying that - now all the clothes that hung on the door handle are actually in the wardrobe, so that's a positive start!

The problem with my re-ordering, though, is that stuff is placed on the bed until a new space can be found for it. But that means that it all has to be removed or re-ordered by bedtime, as I have to get into bed!!!

Oh what fun times we have!!!


  1. In 2008 that will all change my-boyo because i HATE mess!!!

    P.S That comment is verging on a threat!

  2. I am soooooo with you on that comment!! Soooooo with you my friend! I'm currently preparing myself!!

    Oh, the things us gals have to put up with, and all in the name of love!