Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week Two

Well there we are... week two of college almost over, and then the fun stuff of the Trinity term starts on Monday. I'm concious that this blog is turning more into reports from college, and I don't want it to be solely that - maybe I'm forming an alternative to the unofficial college blog - not that I want to though. I promise I'll get onto more interesting topics soon enough...

Last night, Compline went rather well - even with the unexpected visit of the Principal! The firsties got onto the way of it ok, and with another week or two of hearing it sung (and having some more people who know the responses better), we'll even get up to full speed!

This week we have been doing our 'peace and reconciliation' week. It has been really interesting, as we look at the causes of conflict, conflict resolution, and all that. Today was the Northern Ireland day, and brought it all back to home a bit more. Not that we really have any answers... but the point was made that sectarianism isn't just what the paramilitaries do - but in some way, we are all involved. Plenty to think about, anyway.

The sessions have been long and tough though - always jam-packed with information, and questions, comments and new stuff to take on board. Possibly too much to take in all in one go, in one week - but then the timetable is pretty full... Tomorrow we finish at lunchtime, so I'll be up the road home again. Then Friday starts the parish placement - slightly nervous as it's gonna be slightly new to me, things like hospital visiting or going to people in homes, or whatever my placement rector has lined up for me.

But I am looking forward to it, as well!

Off to sleep now, and I'll dream up something more interesting to talk about than non-stop college...

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