Friday, October 27, 2006

We're so delirious, we don't notice the dodgy theology

Ok, so we're almost a week since the Delirious concert in the Waterfront, and the other people I've talked to seemed to enjoy it. We were at the back of the standing area, where it was hot, loud and crowded... The general reaction to Delirious is that they're cool... and that the atmosphere they generate with the noise, the songs, the lights, their personality etc is amazing.

However, Delirious might just be the appropriate name for them. The delirium they can create in their audiences, who get caught up so much in the moment, may mean that they don't actually take in what the words are saying. One example for now, which certainly jarred with me:

Show me a vision like Isaiah saw,
Where the angel touched his lips and he sinned no more.
Let me hear your voice saying “Who shall I send?”
I’ll say send me Lord, I’ll follow you to the end.

This is the first verse of one of their epic songs in the 'Mission Bell' album and concert, called 'Here I am, send me.' Did you notice the dodgy line? Did Isaiah really sin no more when the angel touched his lips? Was he guaranteed sinlessness from the day of his call til his death? Did he achieve the perfectionism so beloved of certain Methodists?

Somehow, I doubt that...

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