Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Compline without complaining

Morning and evening services in chapel are normally Morning / Evening Prayer, or else a student-designed Service of the Word. But come the night time services, there is more variety and liberty available. So, I've already written about Monday nights - with Late Praise... last night a sort of revival broke out, with it lasting an hour longer than normal as people didn't want to leave, just wanting to keep singing and praising - something I missed as I had already left. Ah well...

Tuesday nights in the chapel take us back to a more traditional type of a service - Sung Compline. It is one of the services of the Monastic day (of which another two were merged to form Morning Prayer, if my liturgy from last year serves me correctly). So anyway, yeah - it's a sung service to plain chant, and no accompaniment. Rather fun, but slightly haunting at the same time - former students who attended will probably still remember the series of notes involved in 'keep me as the apple of thy eeeeyyyyyyeeeeee'

Last week, Sung Compline didn't happen, cos the first years were being entertained at the Principal's... so this means that tonight is the first night of it... and yours truly is on the rota! Even more fun, is that the third years are waltzing off for an evening of bowling (a very Christian thing to do), which leaves me and the new students who have never heard it or sung it before! fun times lie ahead tonight!!!

But I've been having a look over it, and am trying to take a few notes to let them know how things need to be done - when to change notes, and how to go up and down etc... and how to do the Psalms - they are rather unusual.

But I'm looking forward to it - it is coming back to me, after an absence of about 4 months - so here goes nothing!

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