Tuesday, October 10, 2006


No, I'm not being vulgar... I'm only phonetically spelling the transport system in Dublin - or rather, the Birmingham accent's phonetic spelling of the pronunciation of the Dublin transport system!!!!

To explain - the tram system in Dublin is called LUAS - which is the Gaelic word for 'speed', or so I'm told. And one of our lecturers is from Birmingham and has a strong accent, leading to some fun times!

Anyway, the reason for this short blog is that today was a rather interesting day on the Luas. Going in this morning at about 9am meant that it was jam-packed... There was no free space at all... all seats full, and people crowding together! Crazy stuff, and all to get into the city.

The way back was more pleasant. I was still standing, but I was right at the very back, which meant I could see into the cab (which wasn't being used as the driver was properly at the front!). So many buttons, levers and screens... and all just to go along a railway track. The most interesting bit though was the speedometer. Rather quick acceleration on the Luas... and the top speed we managed today was about 65 km/h. Quick enough... which means it's possible to go from Trinity to our college in half an hour.

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