Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Craziness of the Weather

Weather is sometimes a crazy thing. Take for example the almost proven fact that as soon as the kids go back to school, the weather will improve. I have another example from this weekend.

Friday in Northern Ireland was really good. Warm and sunny. Whereas in Ayr, it was sunny in the morning, then really wet in the afternoon and evening. This piece of news was important, as I was going on a day trip to Ayr. So on Saturday morning, before the scrake of dawn (which is extra early!) I was getting ready to head off, and wore my big raincoat. In Larne it was just cold - about 6 degrees or so... but I knew I would feel the good of the bulky coat in Scotland.

Except I didn't! The weather in Ayr was fantastic... really warm and sunny, so that the coat was carried for most of the day, as the first hour or so made me far too warm and a bit damp on my back. Too much information, I'm sure. It had been 12 years since I was last in Ayr, but I did remember wee bits of it - not how to get to the seafront or the beach or anything, but I recognised Tam O'Shanter's thatched pub, and the way the roads were. All the shops were changed, I think.

A really good day had in Ayr, where the weather was great. However, a couple of phone calls from home told a different story. Heavy rains, miserable conditions in Northern Ireland.

And so it was when I was coming home... there were some bits of the A8 from Larne to the M2 that you would almost have thought Mr Noah would be out starting to build his ark... so much water lying on the ground, and so much falling at the one time that you could hardly see out of the windscreen!

Thankfully I made it home all in one piece, and dry too. But it just goes to show that the weather across the narrow sea can be so different... Maybe we should try to keep to the good weather by hopping across the sea to where it's good? Or else move to somewhere that it can be sure of being good!

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