Tuesday, October 31, 2006


There we are... another Hallowe'en has come, so the goose must be fat by now...

Today has been rather strange, in fact, most of this past week, with the good weather - today I was down in the city without a coat, just wearing shirt and a hoodie... if this is global warming, then is it all bad???

Hallowe'en isn't really all that important for me... I've never, I confess, been at a fancy dress party. Never! The closest thing to a fancy dress thing were probably the fireworks nights in Dromore years ago, organised by the Dromore Civic Group (I can't mind their real title)- where there was a dressing up competition, a parade through the Square and then fireworks - at the Fire Station, appropriately enough, so the fire fighters wouldn't have too far to go if there was a problem! And even then, dressing up was a 50p witch mask and a 10p bin liner... hardly pushing the boat out! Glenn and me even made it onto the front page of the Dromore Leader one year in our costumes...

In more recent times, my only fancy dress experience was Lynn's 'big' birthday the other year, when it was 70's gear all the way...

Oh, and I might as well say it before someone wisely comments on my dressing up as Cilla Black at the BB Display about 4 years ago... I'm not sure that any photos exist - I hope not anyways!

But Hallowe'en this year for me is going to be leading the Sung Compline service in Chapel at 9.15pm. And I suppose I get dressed up for it - if you'll allow the cassock to be considered dressing up!


  1. Oh yes you can consider wearing your cassock as dressing up!

  2. Lucky for some! It's freezing here.

    I just wish I could wear a cassock all the time, not just fancy dress.


    Can you hear me all the way from Peja to Dublin???? I hope so! How did I miss this post back when you posted it?! Maybe because it was known that I would need to laugh really loudly today!!!

    Yes, it's dressing up, no doubt about that, and most definitely "fancy dress" too! I'll say no more in case I come across as being offensive! I'm not trying to be, but I am greatly amused :)

    Thanks Gary!