Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dundee once again

As you know, I'm off at present on my so-called 'Easter holidays'. Having three weeks off college altogether, and spending most of the first week in Venice, and some of the second week in Dublin, I had to make sure I spent some of it with Lynsey. So here I am, back in Dundee again for another wee while.

I flew over yesterday from Aldergrove, travelling up by bus. The way the Ulsterbus ticketing works now meant that money was saved on having one combined ticket the whole way from Dromore to the airport, so I was all for that! At the airport I bumped into a fella I had been to Wallace with (Gareth Allison), so had a good chat with him, and sat beside him on the plane. It turns out that he was also travelling to Dundee to see his girlfriend! It's a small world indeed!

Then it was the train up from Edinburgh, a nice pleasant journey with some wonderful scenery on crossing the Forth Rail Bridge, and the Tay Bridge, as well as some really good beaches visible from the train. Of course, being in the warm train meant that the beaches looked lovely, but I'm sure I would have been miserable out on them in the cold and wet!

My knowledge of Dundee is improving (says you, it would need to have, seeing you're there for the fourth time now), so that I managed to navigate myself from the station to Lynsey's flat.

Today then, I got up after Lyns had left for university (yes, indeed, shame on me...), and got ready and took a wander down into Dundee city centre. There's an episcopal cathedral here, which was always closed when I tried to get in before, but it was open today so I had a nosey round it. I also visited the two Christian bookshops and the secondhand booskshop, which used up a good bit of my time! I even managed to get some good bargains, which I was chuffed at!

With Lynsey being in uni all day, I went out to Broughty Ferry on the bus and had a wander about it too, then came back to Dundee and walked up to the flat again in the rain. My trousers are soaked right up to the knees, such is the weather, but it doesn't matter, seeing I'm here wth Lynsey! It makes it all worth while.

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