Thursday, March 09, 2006


These essays are really doing my head in now... Although thankfully I have one down and one to go... before tomorrow at 12noon (with classes from 9am - 12), so the second essay has to be done today!

The one I finished yesterday was for Liturgy, and had this title: 'Give a definition of worship and explain its role in the formation of Christian communal identity.' I'm not entirely sure how good it was in the end, and I got a bit fed up and just continued writing up to the word limit.

So today's entertainment will be for Systematics: 'Why does the doctrine of the Trinity matter to Christians?' I think my main argument is going to be that if you now got rid of the trinity, you would have to re-name a whole lot of churches, and that would be a big bit of hassle, so it's important to keep the Trinity so as not to bring confusion to places like The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Downpatrick; the Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, Magheralin; and Holy Trinity Portrush...

I've just heard that my second class of this morning has also been cancelled, so I'll get down to my essay quicker than I thought! Here goes...

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