Monday, March 06, 2006

Open up, O Ground!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wish the ground would open up and let you fall in? I had a sort of cringeworthy moment yesterday morning in Dollingstown, not long before I preached...

So there we are, up at the front, and the Sunday School kids have been leading the congregation in singing some songs. I move over to the lectern to do the Bible reading, and Gareth whispers to me to get the people to sit down. So, as I get to the lectern, I look at the Bible, to check where the reading starts and ends, and as I do, I say, "Will you please be seated." And just as I say it, I look up, and woe is me... they're already seated. So, trying to cover myself, I continue speaking and this is the entirety of what I say:

"Will you please be seated; oh, you already are!"

Whoops!!! In future I will look with my eyes before I open my mouth!


  1. O Gary! How silly of you!

    I mean, how silly of you to think you were silly! I'm sure it gave people a nice wee inward giggle and brought a smile to their faces :) And, anything that brings a smile to people's faces must surely be a good thing. I think you did well with your little tag-on afterwards. I hope you smiled too, and weren't too uptight to laugh at yourself:) I do believe laughter is a wonderful gift from God and I'm sure He loves to hear us laughing in a wholesome way :)

    I see you've removed that word verification thingy on here! Thanks!

    Laughing and Smiling,
    P :)

  2. On my first Sunday speaking in Greenisland, I tripped on the carpet and nearly fell - the ground nearly had no choice but to open up!!

    Haven't logged on to your blog for a while Gary - but I (being nowhere near as credentialed an evangelical as your good self!) completely agree about the rubbish some of the tutors spout, and the danger of people lapping it up. I nearly went there myself at the start of last year...thank God for people's prayers!!

    On the plus side, I thoguht the confirmation weekend was fantastic!!

  3. That's what you get for listening to "that man" Harron :D

  4. You know what they say

    "There is hope for someone who can look at the mirror and laugh at what they see".