Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Having recovered from Venice, I'm still enjoying my holidays, and the break from college. But I have plenty of running about to keep me busy - yesterday I was up in Coleraine and the north coast, and met up with Heather. Twas good to catch up with her, and to hear all about what she's getting up to in Durham at university.

Then today I headed off to Newcastle - it was a nice sunny day, but still cold, and I got a bit of a look at the work they're been doing on the promenade etc. They still haven't completely finished, but what they've done is looking well. A new metal bridge has been erected over the river, in place of the old concrete one.

So tomorrow it's off somewhere with the parents (when they get up from their work), and then Thursday I'm back down to Dublin for a few days to do a guided tour for some friends from the north-west of the province. Then after Mother's Day (don't forget - it's this Sunday!), it's over to Scotland for a few days in Dundee! Then it's back to Dublin for the last four weeks of term... three weeks of revision... then exams and finished by the 2nd June at the latest! And that will have been first year over and done. Any ideas for a summer job for me?

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