Thursday, March 09, 2006

Essays update

Just to update you, by the way, the Trinity essay for Systematics has been completed! Hurray!!! So that's all my essay obligations until the 10th April, when my Old Testament essay is due. For it, we're working on a critical analysis of popular versions of the David story - in terms of the films 'King David', 'Saul and David' and 'David and Bathsheba', as well as the novels 'The King David Report' and 'God Knows'.

So my reading at present is taken up with getting through 'God Knows' before trying to analyse it for the essay and a subsequent seminar presentation on it...

On other matters, a big thank you to the three contributors to the comments on the blog earlier... a bit like busses, no comments for ages and then three turn up at once! So keep them coming in, especially since Primrose pointed out the word verification is turned off again!

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  1. hello there! remember me? the randomer at the January Day who had managed to stumble across your blog? thought I would pop back to have another wee nosy. well done for keeping on top of your work btw...wish I could say the same :P