Monday, March 13, 2006

Venice Part Seven

Just one item of business to report on since the last update. Tonight was our 'gala dinner', which was basically a thank you to those who have helped us and hosted us over our stay. So we had Lady Clark, and the Anglican chaplain and his wife, and Roberto and Jurg from the Ecumenical Institute. The meal was great, with my first course being pasta, meat and tomato sauce, and the second grilled sea bass with thin potatoes on top.

I was sitting beside Jurg, and learnt a lot about the German Lutheran system, and their education system. But then the bext topic of conversation began, as we discussed international football, especially the glory of Northern Ireland's victory over England in September! He also remembered one night we were leading 1-0 in a game Germany had to win, and it wasn't until the 70th minute they started scoring, with the game ending up 4-1 or 5-1.

However, on a less pleasant note, I have gone a full day without eating pizza! No doubt I'll remedy that by this time tomorrow. Now it's getting late and I'm ready for bed, before tomorrow's excitement and adventure.

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