Friday, March 31, 2006


Today we had a nice journey to Edinburgh on the train, as Lyns technically had a day off university, and it was our last day together in Dundee for another wee while. So it was off to Edinburgh. Now, I must confess that last night I checked out a website giving listings of bookshops, and had dutifuly marked them on the map in my Rough Guide, in preparation for today!

And so it was that we visited about 6 or 7 bookshops - the best of which I can't remember the name of, but can be found at 72-74 West Port, should you happen to be in Edinburgh looking a good secondhand bookshop! I got a couple of bargains, so was well chuffed. And, in a sort of reciprocal gesture, we visited quite a few shoe shops for Lynsey to have a browse.

We also did a couple of the touristy things, calling in to St Giles' Cathedral (and seeing the statue of John Knox), as well as seeing Greyfriars Bobby - the little loyal dog, and various views of the castle from the streets around it (we decided not to go in as it is quite expensive, and is also a windy hole!)

The sun even came out for a while in the afternoon, which made it a very pleasant day, and also made for nice views of the coastline as the train chugged its way back to Dundee. And so we're into my last 7 hours in Dundee for this trip - before we set off at some unearthly hour to drive down to Stranraer for the ferry home (with Louise). So what am I doing blogging, when I should be spending my time with Lynsey??? See ya!

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