Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stop Press! Sun Shines in Dundee!

Well, I never! For the first time ever, the sun has been out while I have been in Dundee!!! Normally any time I'm here, it's always raining, but this morning when I got up to see Lynsey leaving for uni, the sun was out!

Even with that good news, it was after 3pm before I left the flat. My morning was taken up having a bit of a study of Colossians 1:24-2:5, in preparation for YF on Sunday night (so if any of you are reading this, bring your Bibles on Sunday night!). Then after lunch, we went out for a walk, down by the river Tay, having walked down two really steep hills to get there! The tide was quite high, and the water was coming over the wall as we walked along.

This evening then, we watched Red Eye the film - it was rather good, even if somewhat predictable... The other thing about it was that it seemed quite short - at just 82 minutes, the tension on the plane could have been extended a bit more. But all in all, a good enough film. [Although not as many laughs as 'Mickeybo and Me', which we watched on Saturday night. The other great thing about that film was that it was a bit of Northern Ireland-spotting, with views of Tate's Avenue, Donaghadee, Portrush, and Castlewellan - although it got a bit sad at the end]

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