Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bowling Update

Tonight we had another of the competitive bowling nights... and I'm afraid to admit that it wasn't my best night of bowling ever. The winner was Jordan, with 142, and Stewart came in second, on 126. I could only tie with David on 103 (so at least we broke the hundred), and Bryan came in with a respectable 98. But then, I do have my excuses (sorry, reasons!) - we were on one of the lanes beside the pillars in the Odyssey, and it distracted me, cos I didn't want to go too close to it, which meant I was always bowling more over towards the left... Added to that, it was the first time we had bowled since the Christmas holidays, so we were a bit out of practice... I'll just have to make sure I win the next time... can't have these Presbyterians triumphing all the time!

1 comment :

  1. Hahaha.Just admit you were rubbish!!!! We dont wanna hear ur excuses! :P
    c'mon the presby's! Well done Jordan!! :)