Sunday, April 09, 2006

Preaching Hazards!

This morning I was over again in the parish of Magheralin, on the due date for the Rectory baby, but as of yet, there has been no arrival! However, I encountered a few hazards and funny things this morning in Dollingstown, which I think I should share with you!

This morning was the first time I had ever been interrupted during my preaching. Yes, the Rector got up and told me to stop. Imagine!!! But before you get too worried about me, or any inherent heresy I was preaching, it wasn't because of that! Rather, the Sunday School hadn't gone out before the sermon, and as I was launching into my introduction, I could hear whispering behind me between the pianist and rector, and some awkwardness in the congregation... But I continued, not knowing what was happening. And then Gareth came over and says 'I don't like interrupting you, but we'll let the Sunday School go out now!' So there, I stopped mid-flow, and watched as the kids went out. But it went ok after that, and I managed to get back into my stride.

However, one of the perils of preaching is the commentators you use, and how you name them. Sometimes I don't say their name, but only say 'as someone wrote' etc... but this morning, for some reason I used the name of Harry Uprichard, a I had used his commentary on Mark's Gospel, and because he's from Northern Ireland, I thought I would use his name. And behold, but who was sitting in the front row of the congregation, but Harry's sister-in-law! I'd noticed a bit of a stirring in the front row when I said his name, but it was only on the way out as Gareth stopped to talk to her and told me who she was, that I realised what had happened! Doh!

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