Friday, April 28, 2006

Theologically Reflecting

Part of what we've been doing in recent weeks has been an interestingly titled module: 'Practicum.' Basically, it was to make us engage in the process of 'theological reflection.' Now, from what I can make out, that's a fancy phrase for thinking about what you're doing, in relation to God and his word. The way it was structured was that we were each visiting a parishoner from a local parish, then had to take a particular incident or moment from one of the visits and reflect on it theologically.

At first it seemed like a bit of a nuisance - in some ways always at the back of my mind when on the visits - wondering 'could this be the momentous moment?' (Yes, I know that was an awful double use of moment!). Others seemed to have lots of moments they could reflect on - even reducing the class to stitches at times (oh yeah - we had to present them to our class).

But eventually I came up with a reflection, on using the Bible in pastoral visits - when to do it, how to do it, probably asking more questions than answering. I'd be really interested to hear your views on these things, because I can't really remember that much of pastoral visits from when I was younger, so I don't know what is 'supposed' to happen on them.

However, what I'm trying to get at in this posting is more about the reflecting itself. I think the point of the module was to get us to engage in some reflection, which I think was a good thing. College life can be hectic enough, with classes, readings, essays, leading and reading in chapel, cumpulsory meetings and events, optional meetings and events, as well as all else that goes on. How often do I really get a chance to reflect, to think about what has happened? I mean, in about 45 minutes I'll be 25. Getting old...

I'm glad for my Quiet Times, which have continued while in college - sometimes having to fight for them, sometimes finding it a struggle to stay awake or think coherently at the end of a busy day, sometimes not really wanting to pray or read the Bible. But they have been an important part of my life - both before college and also now during it.

I'm also glad that I have this strange vehicle called Blogger, in which I can sit and type away at my random thoughts - perhaps blogging is therapeutic? So fair play to you all for reading and continuing to read what I churn out.

So anyway, back to the theological reflection. Could it be that I had been doing it all along, and never realised? Maybe the benefit of being forced to reflect has been to make me realise the benefit of reflecting! And that's my reflection on reflecting! Now, I just need to go and reflect on it...

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