Thursday, April 27, 2006


The Church History essay has been completed now! In fact, it was finished yesterday evening, and handed in this morning. So that means there's just one essay left, and I have a couple of pages typed on it already...

However, it fell by the wayside a bit this afternoon due to the Downes Oratory Prize. The Downes is the college's preaching competition, with a prize for each year. Basically, what happens is that you pick a text from the basket at random (from a selection), then have ten minutes to prepare with only a Bible for reference. You then go into the room and preach in front of three judges, lasting no more than eight minutes.

This afternoon the event was on, with the third years and first years having the same judges, and the second years having a different panel. The text I drew out was Jeremiah 1:5, the call of Jeremiah, looking at God's knowledge of Jeremiah, God's consecration of Jeremiah, and God's appointment of Jeremiah - to service. It would be a source of assurance to Jeremiah in his ministry, even and especially during the hard times.

The end result was that I won the prize for our year! So there'll be a handsome cheque coming my way shortly. Hurray and hurray! Well done also to Barry and Craig, who won the second and third year prizes respectively.

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