Sunday, April 02, 2006


What a busy time of it! Yesterday I came home from Dundee with Louise - she was very gracious in letting me come along with her in the car. So just as my holidays come to an end, hers begins. In order to make it to the boat for 10am, we had to leave Dundee at 5am (which meant up at 4am to get all packed).

The car journey down was great - and seemed to pass very quickly, thanks to Louise's driving! I probably should have slept, so that I wouldn't be so tired, but being both polite (in the sense of keeping Louise company and talking to her) and nosey (in wanting to see my surroudings), I stayed awake! the crossing then was smooth, and we were home in good time.

Last night we were out in Belfast for a meal with Glenn and his fiance Linsey - so congratulations to them! The diavola pizza in Speranza's (Shaftesbury Square) was very very hot, and my mouth was nearly burnt off me, but it was good stuff! So when I came home it was into bed as soon as I could as I was wrecked!

This morning, then I was preaching at the CIAO service, on the rich young ruler. The text of the talk can be found below... After that, we had the 11.30 Communion, and it was nice to be there without having anything to do, just to enjoy the service (and sing in the choir!).

So then, later on, after church and YF it's back down to Dublin for the last four weeks of my first year! Time is going so quickly!

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