Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So yeah, I'm back in Dublin again, and well into my fourth-last week of first year! I'm getting back up to speed again, with the routine and all that, and yet I'm not getting sucked into the institutional mindset just yet - I think it's partly due to the good weather outside, the good laughs we're having among the students (the craic has been mighty so far this term), and the good feeling that the year is nearly over!

The only thing marring the horizon is of course the exams and the essays - the first of which is nominally due for Monday (although we got a reprieve of an extra week today, but I think I should probably work on it this week and get it out of the way), and the other three or four for the end of the month.

At the minute I'm just starting into one of the 'Bible Speaks Today' Bible Themes books, entitled 'The Message of the Cross' by Derek Tidball. It's a good read so far, and helping me to especially focus again on the cross in this season of Passiontide as we approach Holy Week and Easter. Last night's Late Praise in chapel was also good, as we focussed on the cross through about 7 readings and 4 songs, so it's good to see that we are focussing on the cross, if not led by the staff, by the initiatives of the students.

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