Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beyond belief

It's amazing what some people believe. GK Chesterton once said that when a nation stops believing in God, it's not that they believe in nothing, but rather, they will believe anything.

I think I'm coming across that. This week I'm working on my Old Testament essay, particularly concentrating on Noth's thoughts on the origins of Israel. Immediately, he discounts most of the Old Testament record, except for a few 'traditional' elements which shine through edited and later material...

However, the thing I'm noticing is that in lots of places he says 'this is my assumptions' or surmising on this, or we cannot know for sure, or some such thing.

And mostly, on things that are abundantly clear and obvious in the Old Testament.

So does it actually take more faith for a liberal scholar to believe the theories of man than it does for a Christian to believe the Bible? I think so... Isn't that beyond beief?!

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