Tuesday, November 21, 2006

College Fellowship

Just another quick posting after tonight's College Fellowship. We were pleased
to welcome Ian Hannah along, who spoke on the theme of prayer and worship. Ian
is the worship leader at St Patrick's Coleraine, and is also involved in the
worship at Summer Madness and New Horizon. After his talk, we went to the
Chapel for Sung Compline - perhaps the biggest crowd in recent times at it -
unfortunately I was leading. Think it went ok. After that, Ian led a time of
worhsip and prayer - putting into practice the model used at Engage24, a 24/7
worship event in Coleraine.

I'm really pleased that we have been able to get such good speakers this year at
CF, and am praying for the rest of the year's meetings, that we will be
similarly, and even more so, blessed!


  1. Hi Gary,

    I think you are being a little over enthusiastic about College Fellowship on Tuesday night past.

    I do admire Ian's zeal and support his position on praying the scriptures.

    But I would be very cautious about endorsing all that he said. In fact apart from praying the scriptures, I would find it hard to agree with him on anything else.

    How about you?

    Do you agree with Ian that it doesnt matter what we sing as long as we sing?

    Do you agree with Ian that we don't need preachers and evangelists just worship leaders?

    Do you agree with Ian that by every Christian raising their hands during praise that the devil will be defeated? and that by not raising hands during praise we are resisting God's spirit?

    Do you agree with Ian that by holding 24/7 "worship" inside a church building it changes the spiritual atmosphere of towns and cities on the outside? (Ref. to Ian's example of having a 24/7 worship event in college which would cause God to transform Dublin in an instant.)

    I think we should be reasonable enthusiasts, or to be more precise word enthusiasts.

    I would be very concerned if there are more speakers at College Fellowship that have Ian's understanding of Christianity, worship and outreach.

    I make my comments in the spirit of Christian love, encouraging us to remain rooted and built up in the Lord, strenghtened in the faith as we have been taught by faithful teachers so that we are not taken captive by human tradition and the world. (Col 2.6-8)

    More speakers like Epaphras and Paul please!

  2. Stan,

    Thanks for your comments. I do, of course, take them on board. I see what you're saying, but would tend to disagree on some things.

    Ian certainly wasn't diminishing the importance of the word - you must remember that the prayer events come as part of the life of St Pat's and Coleraine, and are not the total sum...

    Further, in order for the word (empowered by the Spirit) to do the work of conversion and transformation, it must be birthed in prayer and praise. Thus, we see that the disciples and others devoted themselves to prayer (Acts 1:14)- before the day of Pentecost, and the marvellous working of the Spirit through the Word.

  3. I do hope that the word is expounded in St. Pat's Coleraine at the main service, but why not have the word central in all that we do?

    I don't think Ian, and others like him, fully realise the potential and power of the word - God speaking through Scripture.

    I think if they sang Hymn 381 at their 24/7 "worship" events, and took note of what they were singing, then they would make room for an exposition of the word - in other words listen to God as he speaks.

    1) God has spoken by His prophets,
    Spoken His unchanging Word,
    Each from age to age proclaiming
    God, the one, the righteous Lord.
    Mid the world's despair and turmoil,
    One firm anchor holding fast;
    God is King, His throne eternal,
    God the first, and God the last.

    2)God has spoken by Christ Jesus,
    Christ, the everlasting Son,
    Brightness of the Father's glory,
    With the Father ever one;
    Spoken by the Word incarnate,
    God of God, ere time began,
    Light of light, to earth descending,
    Man, revealing God to man.

    3)God yet speaks by His own Spirit
    Speaking to the hearts of men,
    In the age-long Word expounding
    God's own message, now as then;
    Through the rise and fall of nations
    One sure faith yet standing fast,
    God is King, His Word unchanging,
    God the first, and God the last.

    Prior to Pentecost, in Luke's first volume, his gospel, Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures, see Ch24 v45 - why the Christ must suffer and rise from the dead.

    He tells them that they will be messengers of this word - repentance and forgiveness of sins preached to all nations.

    He then tells them to wait in the the city for the promised Holy Ghost. They do so and at Pentecost the spirit comes upon them empowering them to be messengers of the the word.

    From that moment onwards they move outside of Jerusalem and the temple and preach the word to all nations.

    As they preach the word, the spirit leads people to faith and repentance.

    Prayer and praise I think are responses to the word. Of course its good to pray and praise - dont get me wrong. But its more important to listen to the vioce of God in scripture.

  4. recantare! recantare! recantare! ;-)

  5. I have sinned, in that I typed with my hand what I did not believe with my heart. When the flames are lit, this hand shall be the first to burn.