Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mothers Union

Presbyterian friends joke about their own Paramilitary Womens Association (PWA) - this morning we had the enrollment service of our own version in the Cathedral. The Mothers Union were out in force, all sitting together in the pews in the tower aisle - a formidable bunch of ladies!

My sermon (see below) didn't really mention the Mothers Union as such. I prefer to preach from the Scriptures, with its message for all in church, not just the specific few getting enrolled... hence the message on Christ the King from Daniel 7.

And then it was into the jiggery pokery, with promises and handshakes and hugs etc...

So the Dromore Cathedral Branch of the Mothers Union have been enrolled for another year of whatever they get up to! (No doubt their head woman, Mrs McFarland, will put me right on this when she gets around to reading this!!!)

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