Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Year of the Engagement

I think 2006 will be remembered by me as the year of the engagement. Not just for Lynsey and me - obviously that is primarily in our minds. But also for the many other friends who have gotten engaged this year.

Stanley and Sarah - on the same day as we got engaged - how freaky was that?

Bryan and Louise. (Bryan and me are looking forward to being joined in matrimony - to quote James.)

Lorna and Colin.

Pamela and Paul.

And now Primrose and Dan. This is the big news this week, and I'm so chuffed for you two!!!

Congratulations to all the couples above.

Now, I wonder if there'll be any more before the end of the year???

1 comment :

  1. My Oh My!!!!! That's a fine lot of engagements in a short time period!

    Thanks for your congratulations...I'm loving being engaged:) It's such a wonderful time of life...can't wait for marriage now! It just sucks that in the meantime Dan and I are apart....but just till the end of January, Lord willing :) Then we'll spend the last 3 months of our engagement in the same city!

    Must sleep now or I'll never get over the jetlag. More soon!