Friday, November 03, 2006

Links, links and links

Just a quick posting to highlight some of my blog links... for some reason Technorati doesn't seem to recognise links which are in a sidebar - so this is as much for there as anywhere else!

For mostly computer chat, but funny at the same time, check out Dave Lowry. Meanwhile, if it's sermons you're after, Bryan occasionally has some, and other inspiring thoughts can be found from Simon and Robert (and Robert again)...

To find about the experience of other ordinands, check out Stuart, Anderson and Simon.

For youthworkers, check out Dave who's now working down in Newry, who will hopefully get to update soon (!), and Martin.

And perhaps the most updated blog of the lot, check out Primrose's thoughts on life and mission in Kosova.

One more for now... and it's connected to my recent obsession with the Rapture etc... it's the slacktivist Left Behind blog, in which he systematically criticises the Left Behind books. Sadly he's only updating once a week on Fridays, so the 12 books of the series will take a while to get through, but it's worth reading for his thoughts on the books and the poor plot development etc...

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