Friday, November 17, 2006

The Crazy Game

We're still updating last weekend in Scotland! Saturday morning was spent on the birthday girl's event of choice. So off we went to Drumoig Driving Range to have a go at golfing! Lyns had been to a driving range before, but the rest of us (Jem, Stu and me) were all first-timers. Abd we found it rather cheap too - £4.50 for 100 balls!

How hard could it be - the balls were waiting. We just had to whack them.

Due to the sunlight behind us, the photos might be a tad dark, but here we go... myself:

The girls:
And Stu:
All in all, the driving range was so much fun that we went back for more balls. All in all, we got to about 125 feet - the golfers among you will probably think that pitiful, but to us it seemed good!
Afterwards, we enjoyed having lunch in St Andrew's, which is a nice wee town.
The results the next day were sore sides (and a sore leg for me), all in the same place - obviously our swinging wasn't entirely proper. But the image of the day shows the results of the balls:

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