Friday, November 17, 2006

Stanley for Standeley!

Ok, so here goes for a series of updates from last weekend in Scotland. The first is in honour of Stanley (Standeley) Gamble. Hope you enjoy it Standeley...!!!

On our way to Dunkeld, we saw a signpost for 'Stanley' 2 miles, so we had to go and see it!!! And so, here are the highlights of Stanley, near Perth:
First, the local Stanley Masonic Lodge:
Then we have the Stanley Newsagents:
Sadly my photo of the Stanley Butchers won't load to Blogger, so here's the grand finale - the place you should seek to be minister of some day - Stanley Church!

1 comment :

  1. Gary what can I say? I'm honoured! I never knew there was such a place! Knew there was a Port Stanley in the Fawklands but didnt know about Stanley in Scotland.

    This Standeley business is gonna stick, isn't it!

    Ah well, if ya cannay beat them, join them....