Monday, November 20, 2006


Hi there! Just a wee quick posting to see if I can blog using email. I had set
it up before, but might come to rely on it a bit more when in Dublin. Yes, it's
the old college wireless network problems again.

Now, the wireless seems to be working, but is rather very slow. Suppose with 40
odd people trying to get their emails all down the line and jumping into
mid-air at the same time, it's no wonder it's slow.

So this is the test, so see if my Trinity email account will blog - hotmail is
also very slow at loading up over the wireless, and the compose email page
never properly loads.

Here's hoping!

Oh, of course, the problem with blogging via email is that you can't add tags -
these will have to be added at a later date...

For now, it's back to the New Testament essay which is due on Friday. Fun, fun,

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