Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm not quite sure who I am angry with... is it the college wireless network system, which is woeful in my room and keeps cutting out at important points? Or is it Blogger?

The reason is that last night, not long before bed, I typed up a rather thoughtful blog on the whole area of Bible reading and leading services - related to some people sounding a bit droll or bored. I was rather pleased with it, perhaps one of my better bloggings.

And as I pressed send (without saving a copy in Word format - but why would you?), suddenly the network cut out. My posting, in all its glory, was lost to the realms of computer world, from where they do not return again...

Not to worry, I thought, as sometimes postings go through as the network is dodgy, and you find they were accepted, both in blogger and also on the forum I'm a part of. But it wasn't to be. The posting is lost forever.

I might try it again when I have some free time.

Right now, I'm packing to go to the airport to fly to Scotland for a special someone's birthday weekend! I can't wait!

And even better - no essay pressure this weekend, as the essays have been handed in for this week already, and there's two weeks until the next one is due. And that'll be it til after Christmas!

Monday and Tuesday will be the Proclamation Trust Nothern Ireland Ministry Assembly, in Dollingstown Church. More postings on this will follow, and maybe even some comment from my colleagues who attend...

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