Friday, November 17, 2006


Last weekend, as you may have gathered by now, I was over in Scotland, visiting my lovely fiancee Lynsey. Due to the odd times for my flights over and back, I had to hire a car. This meant that we were able to head off for wee drives. After Lyns finished for the day on Friday, we headed off for Dunkeld.

After a short diversion to see the village of Stanley, we made it to Dunkeld, a wee town (or rather, a cathedral city) up in the mountains. David Chillingworth, former Rector of Seagoe and Archdeacon of Dromore is the bishop of Dunkeld (among other places), so I went off to see if I could find his Cathedral.
There was indeed a Cathedral, part of which is in ruins, part of which is still a functioning parish church, but it seems to be (Presbyterian) Church of Scotland, rather than the Episcopal Church. But no matter what it is, it still proved to be a nice place to visit - witnessing to the longevity of the faith in that place.The one above is that of the current parish church facing the town, and below are the ruins of the old cathedral.

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