Saturday, June 25, 2005


1) Sorry that for some reason now, all the right hand cloumn of stuff is further down the page than the left hand column... rage!

2) Sorry that comments now seem to be duplicated, so if you comment once, it will appear twice, and I get the email notification twice!


  1. Hello Gary

    I felt lead to share the comment that you made earlier tonight to me with your many friends and admirers (female fans will be particularly interested ... cue Les, Sharon, Primrose!!!)

    "I have had it off once ... and never again!"

    One wonders what on earth you meant by that statement.


  2. George, you know very well what I was talking about! I was referring to my beard!!! I had my beard taken off once - in a fundraiser for the church Autumn Fair, but I like my beard and I'm not getting it removed... you could say it is growing on me ;)

  3. Oh! That's interesting Gary! I am sure that with the combination of sponsorship and the commercial value of the hair from your beard the Autumn Fair did extremely well on that occasion.


  4. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I have to say that I think you should never have it off again (if indeed you were referring to the beard)...although that is just a matter of personal choice, and having only ever seen one photo of you minus the beard, I suppose I don't really have much basis for such an opinion. But, nevertheless, that's mine. Do with it what you will.

    Long live the Beard!

    Primrose :)

    PS....Gary, where are you?