Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What is a Christian?

I've come across this very good, clear, simple explanation of the Christian message. It's called 'Two Ways to Live' and explains the gospel in six pictures. To launch the presentation, click here. I came across this site, through looking at the All Saint's Belfast website.


  1. Gary

    I looked at the All Saints website. Believe it or not Rev Bryan Follis' brother is a friend of mine from a few years back!! Indeed a cousin of Rev. Follis was my secretary for a number of years in a previous employment post ... isn't it a small world?

    I read the explanation of what it is to be a Christian ... as you said it is very good ... surprisingly so given that it appears on an Anglican website (just joking!!!).

    One small point ... the main verse on the home page of All Saints' website is from Romans 1:16, not 1:15 ... and it is not in the King James Version ... Sharon will have something to say about that!!


  2. Sharon has no problem with that. I have read the All Saints website and think it is very good. No complaints. Ha ha.